Girl Guides

WiE Girl Guides Eventeng-cite is excited to host an Engineering Badge Day for Girl Guides in the Metro Vancouver area! We will provide hands-on activities and projects so girls can earn their Girl Guide Science & Technology: Engineering Badge.

Girls will get creative and participate in fun engineering activities, connect with other guides and talk to current engineering students who will share their stories and experiences. This is a great opportunity for girls to visit the UBC campus and ask all the questions they may have about university life and engineering!

Details for 2019 coming soon! 

* If you have a boy that is interested in similar programming, we highly encourage you to explore Geering Up and UBC Engineering events

Registration Process

For more information – please refer to the West Coast Area Girl Guides: Program website.

  1. Sign up at:
  2. Forms will be e-mailed to all registered participants. Complete the SG2, H1, and waiver forms. It is very important to list TWO emergency contacts and attach a photo to the H1 form.
  3. Scan and e-mail forms to:
  4. When your forms are received, you will get a confirmation of registration by e-mail.

** You are not fully registered until these forms are received. **

NOTE: If you are a guider bringing multiple girls, and you would like to hand-out and collect the forms as a batch, contact us:

Deadline for receiving complete registration packages is April 28th, 2018