Engineering Stories

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Weekly videos about the lives of some rad engineering students at UBC. Look into the lives of upper year and lower year students who are on their way to becoming engineers.

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Engineering Stories: CRISPR Images at the Wasteneys Lab

Think you're going to have to wait until grad school to work with cutting-edge techniques? Think again. Special thanks to Laryssa Halat and Dr. Geoffrey Wasteneys for having Engineering Stories in their lab.

Engineering Stories: What’s in My University Bag

Have you ever wondered what an engineer carries in their bag? Today, Olivia show us how she stays healthy and dry.

Engineering Stories: Leah – Why I Chose UBC

Tag along with Leah as she highlights some elements of campus life while venturing on a beautiful winter afternoon.

Engineering Stories: Queering and Engineering

How do you deal with prejudice as an engineer? Giulio shares a story about how he confronted a difficult situation while on co-op.

Engineering Stories: Leah – Day in the Life

Tag along as we venture through a busy academic day as a first-year engineering student.