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Weekly videos about the lives of some rad engineering students at UBC. Look into the lives of upper year and lower year students who are on their way to becoming engineers.

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Engineering Stories: Kappa Alpha Theta Founders Day

Kappa Alpha Theta was founded because it wasn't good enough for Bettie Locke Hamilton to just be a mascot of a men's organization, so she started her own sorority! Today, Megan and her friends celebrate founders day!

Engineering Stories: Undergrad Research

Can you say Chlamydomonas 10 times fast? Learn how Giulio got his very own research project and how you can get involved in research too, no PhD required.

Engineering Stories: Olivia – The Claw

Join Olivia on an exciting project during the second semester of first year engineering!

Engineering Stories: Travel Vlog: Toronto, San Francisco, & Whistler

Check out where Megan travelled to this winter holiday with her family and friends. Also, it was her grandmother's birthday the other day, so wish her a happy birthday!

Engineering Stories: Meet Giulio

Meet Giulio, a fifth-year engineering physics student and Engineering Stories newest vlogger.