Engineering Stories

Weekly videos about the lives of some rad women engineering students at UBC. Look into the lives of upper year and lower year students who are on their way to becoming engineers.

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Engineering Stories: APSC 101 Autonomous Claw Project

Did you know UBC Engineering students get to work on design projects in their classes starting from first-year! Watch Samia share her experience working on the APSC 101 autonomous claw project. Subscribe to see more of Samia’s year!

Engineering Stories: Day in the Life: Mechanical Engineering

Curious what a typical day looks like for a UBC Mechanical Engineering student? Rebecca takes us through a day in her life showing how she balances classes, clubs, friends, projects and downtime! Subscribe to see more of Rebecca’s year!

Engineering Stories: Campus Energy Centre Tour

This week, Megan gives us a tour of the UBC Campus Energy Center as part of her CHBE 366 lab course. Subscribe to see more of Megan’s year!

Engineering Stories: Local Vancouver Cafes

Watch Nadine share some of her favourite cafes to study in around Vancouver. Subscribe to see more of Nadine’s year!

Engineering Stories: Top 5 Differences Between Canada and Bangladesh

Samia shares five differences she’s noticed between living in Canada and Bangladesh. Subscribe to see more of Samia’s year!