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Weekly videos about the lives of some rad engineering students at UBC. Look into the lives of upper year and lower year students who are on their way to becoming engineers.

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Engineering Stories: Leah Homesickness Part 2

At the end of the first semester's exams, Leah breaks the spell of homesickness by reconnecting with her family over the winter break.

Engineering Stories: Winter Break in 90 Seconds

Here's a 90 second snippet of Olivia's wonderful winter break!

Engineering Stories: Christmas in Brazil

Giulio, our newest vlogger, takes a trip home to Brazil for the holidays. Learn about Brazil's unique way to celebrate the new year.

Engineering Stories: Best Places to Scream

Giulio and Megan welcome us back with some unique places to scream on campus.

Engineering Stories: UBC Frequently Asked Questions

We got all the vloggers today to answer some of UBCs most asked questions. If you have any more, please leave a comment below!