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Weekly videos about the lives of some rad women engineering students at UBC. Look into the lives of upper year and lower year students who are on their way to becoming engineers.

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Engineering Stories: UBC Engineering Final Projects

Exams aren’t the only things that go on at the end of term for UBC engineering students. In this video, Rebecca talks about final projects, how they differ from exams, the pros and cons and also gives us a look at her final projects for the term.

Engineering Stories: How to deal with exam stress?

In this video, Megan shares some tricks with us to stay relaxed during finals season!

Engineering Stories: Ask a Woman in Engineering! Q&A

Today Nadine answers some of the questions submitted by you!

Engineering Stories: Where to get involved?

In this video, Samia tells us a bit more about the various ways we can get involved on campus!

Engineering Stories: Iron Ring Ceremony

At the end of their undergraduate degrees, Canadian engineering students receive an Iron Ring to symbolize their ethical responsibility moving forward as engineers. In this video Rebecca talks about the ceremony and tells us what getting her Iron Ring means to her! Subscribe to see more videos!